Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Smell Smoke

Today was our ninth day away from home. NINE DAYS? That's a world record for our family. I'm impressed. I awoke early to put some cinnamon rolls in the oven and throw a spread of my americanized version of a continental breakfast out for my parents before they left to go home. SOMEBODY has to work for a living - so that means they're gonna be tired on the job tomorrow -thas' for shore!

We lingered over yogurts and sparkling blood orange juice (surprisingly, this does not make my pirate son pass out) and then gave out hugs a couple times and then they were off. I haven't heard from them since. I bet they're kinda tired of hearing from us. They heard way TOO MUCH from us these last few days!

My lil' family hung out at the condo for a couple more hours while we cleaned out my parents' condo - which means we moved the girls and all their stuff over into our unit. We also found hidden boxes of individual cereals in the kitchen and leftover cheesecake in the fridge. Ahhhh! What joy!

Then we went out for lunch at the most disgusting KFC on the planet. I don't even want to write about it here, because it would be in the same post as cheesecake and that would be a sin.

We planned on taking a drive around Bass Lake to scout out the best beach for us to hang out at tomorrow, but we ended up taking a small detour. We smelled smoke. We had actually been smelling smoke for a couple days because of the new Mariposa fire. I think in the news its called something else, the Telegraph Fire, I believe. Since my husband affectionately calls me an ambulance chaser, he thought I'd enjoy a drive closer to the action. And boy would I! (But I'd never tell anyone that).

About 45 minutes later, this is what we saw.
Wow - no wonder there are evacuations in place!

Ok, time to turn around!
After that little jaunt into places we shouldn't go - we headed back to Bass Lake. We toured around both sides of the lake and found some cool places we'd like to go back to play. I can't wait until tomorrow! I might even take a photo of the lake. ha! When we came back to our home place, we hit the pool for a couple hours and I actually got to sit in a LOUNGE chair on the deck with my EYES closed for at least seven minutes! That makes two world records in this post!!

My youngest discovered the joy of jumping into the pool all alone. (Much to the dismay of his easily-freaked-out-after-all-our-recent-trauma mother.) And then we enjoyed a delicioso meal of Burritos, chips-n-salsa and fresh pineapple. Ahhh... I am on vacation. Wait, where's the margaritas?

Tomorrow - Bass Lake Adventures (and hopefully no medical emergencies.)


Miriam said...

Wherever you go, that's where the party's at.

Excuse my grammar, but you are having some ADVENTURES on your vacation.

Agent K said...

Did Miri just yell ADVENTURES at you? How rude! hehe

HAY! Oh, hah! ummm making so many comments in a row is not good for the lively banter.

How is Pirate boy today? Gangreeen setting in yet?

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I can't even begin to imagine WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we WAIT with baited breath. Is it baited or bated? I dunno... but I did NOT SAY bad breath okay? geewhiz.
I feel like I am watching... a more family version of National Lampoons VACATION. LOL Do you have a brother in law with an old motorhome by any chance? LOL

Jen said...

I'm an ambulance chaser too, but those fires did look a bit intimidating. Glad you fled the scene.

Grandma Dora the Explorer said...

So, now we know why the power was shut off to Glacier Point on Saturday when were there. I found a CalFire map that shows Yosemite Park's power transmission lines going right through the middle of the Telegraph fire. I understand the folks staying in Yosemite Valley itself are having problems storing food safely with no electricity, some are going home, etc.

Sooo glad we went to Yosemite before the fire started.

Thanks for the memories!

Signed by The So Glad I Went but Now I'm Glad I'm Home Grandma