Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Feel Fire

It's time for a day on the lake!

Yesterday, we got up sorta/kinda early. That means before lunch, but not at the crack of dawn.
Breakfast was CEREAL for the first time in a week. I think.
Lunch and drinks got packed in the cooler.
Inflatable floaties and life jackets got thrown in - and we were on our way. (Keep in mind we already had a couple chairs and all the towels already in the car - you keep them in there on this kind of a vacation, in case you come across some water you want to splash in near the side of the road).

One of the first things we noticed when we went outside was the smell of smoke. As yesterday's post showed you, the smoke from the Telegraph fire was pretty much everywhere. It has been burning out of control, so it wasn't a surprise. We secretly hoped there wasn't a fire any closer to us, but we didn't say that to the kids. No need to worry anyone!

Bass Lake is fantastic. The water was nice and clean, it's the temperature of a cool bath, and the rocky shores were my kind of rocks. Smooth, round and if I had room I would have taken some home.
The kids were fascinated by the immense amounts of iron pirite that covered the beach and every rock. It also covered the insides of all their swimsuits, but that's to be expected I s'pose.

I love rocks! Here's one of my little signatures that I left behind for someone else to stub their toe on enjoy.
See the hazy blue treeline? That was the smoke earlier in the day. See the kid in the water? We had a hard time pulling him out except to nosh on oreo cookies and a juice box.

Oh look, another creation! My kids thought I was weird for stacking (and perfectly balancing, mind you) little piles of rocks here and there. I dunno - I just thought it was fun. And, it's not as easy as it looks.

Oh look! Six pack abs boy came up for air! And, he looks somewhat like a little sea monster. With a handful of sand and sparkly gold stuff.


Just for fun - picture this combination:
One large man kicking back on one hot pink floatie. Hahahahehehehe!! Ok, so he's lucky I didn't take a picture of that (mostly because I was using the green tube as a newfangled bustier, and I couldn't get out of it, but he's still lucky).

About 5 hours later...

We drag ourselves out of the water. My right shoulder was feeling strange, and I thought I overextended myself doing all that paddling around. WRONG. I was sporting what I like to call raspberries and cream. It's that color you see when you pair raspberry sherbet with vanilla ice cream. That's what my shoulder looked like. No wonder it was itching. My other shoulder matched. Matter of fact, my chest had a creative design burned onto it as well.

When we got back to our condo - I could still smell smoke. AND I felt the fire. Nice one - lather everyone ELSE with sunscreen and forget yourself. Typical Mom behavior. If you really wanna see a picture, you'll have to ask. I'm not sure everyone has the stomach for it. haha!

Today - our last full day in Bass Lake! Then tomorrow, we're headed to a secret location TBD. Check back soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lexie,
what an adventure for all of you :)
Hope the sunburn feels better soon.

Ive been to Bass lake(worldmark) years ago, and we too ended up with a nasty sunburn.. isnt that the place the Great Outdoors was filmed(John Candy)??

Well enjoy the rest of your adventure... i mean vacation. We sure do miss ya!!!

hugs Paula

Agent K said...

Oh, honey! So sorry about that burn. We were the sunscreen family last Sat. I applied so much sunscreen I think the kids left an oil slick out at the lake..hehe!

Glad to hear the current mishap was only involving some skin and no blood.