Friday, July 25, 2008

A Good Day for a Break

Things down here in California have been pretty calm today. It's about time!

After yesterday's "window shearing" incident we got to take an unplanned trip into Chowchilla (wow, what a name for a town!) and pick up our new mirror - to the delightful tune of $600 (Miriam - you thought YOURS was expensive?!?!) Luckily we were able to pick it up the same day we ordered it - the parts guys managed to get the timing perfect. Thank you parts guys! We installed it with some borrowed tools in the parking lot of the Chevy dealership and we were on our way. The good thing was, we managed to see lots more beautiful countryside and it was pretty relaxing. Sorry - no pictures as I left my card in my laptop that day instead of putting it back in my camera! DUR!!

I do, however, have more pictures from the day before in Yosemite and Wawona. Enjoy!!

My Dream House in Wawona

Tomorrow... Glacier Point Stroll Hike and Grandma's Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for a peaceful day,woohooo!!
I love reading the things you write Lexie and your pictures are amazing.
Since Grandma is reading this Happy Birthday my sweet lady!!!I may be a day late,but I love you very much my friend.
Love and hugs to all,

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

It looks like you are having a fabulous time! Your pictures belong in scenic vacation magazines! The kids look to be having a ball!
Love the covered bridge, and those rocks stacked in the water. WHAT an interesting picture! LOVE IT!
Happy happy birthday to your sweet Grandmother!
Blessings my friend!
Be safe,

Agent K said...

I will arm wrestle ya for the dream house!

I hope that the insurance covered the gold plated rear view.