Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Trees!



We are recuperating nicely from Sunday's "vanishing act", courtesy of my 5 year old. I thought that since I didn't put up my weekly Word Filled Wednesday post that I'd at least give you some WORDS and some PHOTOS to let you know we're all still alive and well.

Monday was spent at Big Trees National Park. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I would highly recommend it to anyone who had just recovered from losing a child the day before, because it's fairly easy to keep track of a kid at this place. Basically, there wasn't much foot traffic, so if your kid gets more than 3 feet ahead of you, just shriek like a mad woman, and your kid will stay patiently by your side. Yeah... right... you don't believe it, I can tell.

So, before we began our trek, we outfitted each of our four children with 2-way radios. We did nineteen sound checks before we even STARTED the 1 1/2 mile hike. Only 14 of those sound checks came from the 5 year old. The walk through the park was just breathtaking. Everywhere we looked, was a new piece of scenery and a new story to hear. Some of the huge trees were laying on the ground, where they had been since the civil war, while others still stood tall and strong. Check out the SIZE of these bad boys! (That's my 10 yr old standing there in amazement. She looks like a dwarf) (But don't tell her I said that, because she's highly sensitive to remarks about her looks) (Matter of fact, she's still upset that I apparently called her a fat nose, which was taken WAY out of context as we know any well-meaning mother would NOT call her kid a fat nose, especially if they don't even HAVE a fat nose, and it will take her a week to get over it so if she thinks she's a DWARF with a FAT NOSE then we're all gonna pay dearly) Anyway, here's the picture. Finally.
Cool huh?? And look- she does NOT have a fat nose!

Dad liked the big trees too.
He was the narrator for our Big Trees excursion.

His nose is a little bigger than my 10 yr olds nose. I mean, hers is more like a button, actually.

And next photo is the stump from that fallen tree from above...

It was once used as a dance floor in its heyday! Who knew?
And see - again, NO FAT NOSE anywhere in this photo.

We also took a little time to explore the surrounding area and came across a RIVER - that we had to put our toes into. Well, some of us did... and apparently we liked it a lot because we couldn't stop smiling.

But I just realized that he's looking directly up my mother's nose. Maybe THAT is why he is grinning so huge? Wonder what he sees? heheahhahahahaaha! Oh, right, Hi Mom! I know you read this. I'll shut up about your nose.

And just for my farmish friends... I got the big guy to PULL OVER.
Yep, just like this...

He pulled that big ol' gas guzzling Suburban over on a stretch of highway just so I could get a few shots of this WAY old barn. It was like, really REALLY old, and falling over, and not very weatherproof. But I liked it. And I got him to pull over. But only after he thought I might cry if he didn't. Just kidding. He did it because he loves me. Just kidding again. I was probably right the first time.

I like old barns... and outhouses too (which I posted one fine looking specimen of an outhouse over at the other day) Go - look at it, it's a good one!
Tomorrow... Underground Gold Mine tour - and other fun exciting things that you should not say to your husband while on vacation if you want to stay married for more than the next fourteen minutes. It's a cliff hanger, folks, you don't wanna miss it. It has nothing to do with fat noses either, just so you know.


Anonymous said...

Wow those are huge!I saw the redwoods last summer and thought they were pretty big,but these are way much bigger!!
And Miss D has a very pretty little nose to match her pretty face,which I hope she knows!
You all look like you are having such a fun time,making all those memories,yes even with Christian looking up so happy at Grandma Dora's nose,he loves that nose cause its his Grandma's!!!
Hugs to you all,

Kim said...

WOW..what an amazing day you truly had!!

I honestly felt like I was with you...through your photo's.

What a precious, beautiful family you have.


Agent K said...

OH you sweet, sweet little thing. Taking pic's just for me? YOu shouldn't have.

Love, love the old barn!

Glad you didn't loose anyone in the forest....

Misty said...

Those trees are amazing!

I love old barns too...I'm making an old barn photo project as a gift for my mama... Glad you are having a great time!

Miriam said...

Loving the barn photos... you knew I would! But I like the cute-as-a-button noses WAY more. Also the huge trees.

Do they have dwarves living there?

Tracy said...

I'm loving all your amazing pics (I've been missing out thinking you weren't posting 'cause of vacation!) Now I'm catching up...

That picture of your little boy and your Mom (even if he WAS looking straight up her nose) is truly one of the sweetest pictures I have EVER seen! (Melt my heart!)

I'm off to read more of what I've been missin'! Hope the rest of your vacation is wonderful!!! = )