Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bass Lake Goes Dark

As I sit in the dark, with only the glow of my laptop monitor and the flickering of the fireplace (yes, it was indeed 94 degrees today, what am I thinking?) I wonder just how long this blackout is going to last. Luckily, the power went out about the time we were all headed to the pool. We could care less that there were no lights in our room. We are ADVENTUROUS! (Ta Da!!)

That is, until about 10 minutes into my hot-tub soak. So what if the hot tub heater didn’t work. The water was still really warm and I didn’t need bubbles. My sunburn wasn’t affected much, unless of course I dunked an arm underwater. Ouch! But, I quickly realized we wouldn’t have lights in our condo when we needed them. We also had planned a Fettucini Alfredo dinner and that needed electricity as well. Then, I remembered we were going to do the bulk of our packing up tonight so we could be ready to head out to our next destination tomorrow. We wanted to allow plenty of driving time, of course, but how would we see to do anything? Wait! Didn’t I have a load of wash in the machine? My goodness, it would never spin out all the way! I’d have to take a load of slopping wet clothes along with us. And - *gasp* we were all in the POOL. We’d need showers/baths/rinsing off and all the water would be co-o-oooold! Noooooo!

Someplace down the line, near the Telegraph Fire, I would imagine, power had been cut off by the electric company for the safety of the workers trying to control the raging wildfire. Ok, now I knew they had done that a couple days before at Yosemite, but I wasn’t expecting it quite yet where we were staying. I tried to keep a really good attitude. Again - so what! It was an adventure, and it was surely better than losing a kid/a car accident/passing out/a sunburn or anything else unpleasant so we’d go with the flow.

But seriously. How was I going to cook dinner? We’d already used up almost every food item we’d brought, because we didn’t want to haul it all back out with us. We had stupid stuff left, like 3 apples and hamburger buns. Ha! It felt like the fish and loaves story. Six people. No Fettucini boiling. Ok kids, it’s time to get out of the pool. NOW. I realized we’d need every ounce of daylight just to get these kiddies fed and off to bed. It was a blackout for crying out loud and we were sitting in the pool!

Dinner went ok. As the kitchen darkened, which happened sooner than anticipated because of the smoke-filled skies, we rummaged for food. Dinner consisted of: A second night of hot dogs from the BBQ grill. For some reason, we had just enough left. But boy, we were sick of them. My kids played along nicely. They could have complained. I wanted to. I did a little “trick” and showed them how to cut a hot dog in half and put both halves on a hamburger bun just for fun. (Since we were out of hot dog buns because we’d only planned that for the night before!) We used the bag of potato chips that we had purchased for the next days picnic. I cut up three apples and split them between four children and two grown ups. Then the whopper (not the Whopper burger, because that might have been GOOD, but we didn’t know if any of the restaurants in town would be open. It was a blackout for crying out loud) (And, we had just got out of the POOL. I did not get a shower. I couldn’t go into town) anyway, the whopper was the fact that we’d found a half case of SODA in the back of the suburban. The kids really could care less what they got for dinner if they were allowed to share a soda! All was good.

Until it came time to clean up. There was a mad dash to shove condiments into the fridge before the last sliver of light crept out of view. There really wasn’t much hope to doing dishes or cleaning up because we couldn‘t see anything. It was D.A.R.K. dark. The kids had already put on their pajamas after they left their wet swimsuits on the floors in various bathrooms. Hopefully I wouldn’t run across one of THOSE in the darkness. Yeck!

So, as I sit here by the fireplace, which strangely is REALLY putting out the heat when we really don‘t NEED any, I realize that I’m going to have to do with less light. The kids are bouncing around on the Murphy bed because they have nothing else to do, the husband is accidentally taking an early snooze on the couch because he has no stimulation from the TV (and he’s trying to avoid telling stories, like the kids are asking me to do) and the washer… oh, the washer. It certainly DOES have a load of our clothes in it, and not only are they damp, but some nut job forgot to put the lid down so they’re just sitting in a little swimming pool of their own. They never even got a chance! *sigh*

To be continued whenever I'm able to plug this contraption back in...

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Agent K said...

Holy crapola man. You guys sure have had a time of it.

Here I thought I was keepin up with the virtual vacation and allbe-derned if I am slackin off.