Friday, July 18, 2008

Any DAY now!

The chickens are all tucked in. The note to the "farm sitter" is waiting. The garden is well watered and weeded. The kids are jumping around the house in a major joy rush. The car is loaded up - well, almost completely. And I'm ready to go on vacation!!

Sometime in the next 7 hours or less, we'll be leaving for our 2 week vacation. We've never HAD a 2 week vacation before. I wonder what it's like? We're headed to California to do the once in OUR lifetime (so far!) trip at Yosemite National Park. It was either that or Disneyland, but I tend to think God makes better parks any day so it was an easy choice for our family. We really don't know what to expect, but we're taking lots of warm weather clothes. Well, the clothes police has only allowed us all 4 outfits apiece to save room in the Suburban. Since we'll have a washer and dryer I suppose it makes sense, but how can I wear all of my cute new shirts in only four outfits? Ok, so I snuck a few extra in. Hey, I'm constantly spilling stuff on myself so I'll use that as my reason. ha! Plus, who wants to do laundry every few days while on vacation? I'm also packing along lots of bug spray, bottled water and snacks!

We have BIG plans. Plans to just relax and enjoy each other and see as much of God's beautiful scenery as possible. And don't worry, I completely removed ALL TRACES of photos from my memory card so I'll have lots of room for obsessive, compulsive photography. I'm taking along my laptop too, so maybe you'll hear from us before we get home. Can't wait to tell stories and show pictures!

Hey Mom & Dad, are we there yet??


Tracy said...

Hope you're well on your way by now! Hope it's awesome "together time" resting and relaxing! Looking forward to hearing about it when you return. = )

bethany said...

Oh, that is so fun!! have a great trip :) I need a "chicken sitter" too :)

Anonymous said...

OK now I know I won't see you for 2 weeks(Lexie withdrawals).
I hope you all have a wonderful time away,I know how much you need to get away and just have fun.
I love you all and will be checking back for pictures and updates!