Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10 Years of Snorts and Giggles

Dear Princess,

It has been exactly 10 years since you were born, and every moment since then has been filled with more love and happiness, laughter and hugs than I could have ever imagined. You brighten every day with your snorts, giggles and silliness and your helpfulness brings tranquility to our home. The way you bring about resolutions between your brothers makes me think that someday you'll be an international peacemaker. Watching you have conversations with full grown adults, as you believe they are every much your friend as mine, helps me see the confidence you have in yourself. You shine a sink like it was nobody's business and your prowess at Tae Kwon Do makes me afraid. Very afraid. Gone are the days when you would repeat over and over, "But I'm too shy to do that". Now, you only hesitate a tiny bit when I send you to the counter to get your own ketchup for your fries!

Having sat through seven surgeries with you makes me wonder what extra special ingredient God blessed you with to be able to tolerate all the crazy stuff life has already thrown your way. The week after your mastoidectomy - when we thought you were so sick you might die - was probably one of the most traumatic times of my life! Having to assert myself and tell the doctors that something was wrong, and I was sure you had an infection that they must not be able to see, was a HUGE growing up time for me too. I am not used to telling educated professionals that I think they are wrong, but boy was I right!

It also threw us for a loop when we found out you were nearly blind in one eye. How you turned out to be one of the best readers in your class is a marvel! Then, when you learned you'd need to spend time at the orthodontist, you didn't even bat an eye. It seemed so easy to you by then that I think it made the doctor wonder if he hadn't explained himself enough.

You are so brave and so grown up. I enjoy watching you blossom before my very eyes and I am SO proud to call you my daughter. I am pleased that you love Jesus. And, I am eternally grateful that you have a great sense of humor - that way I can giggle at you when you fall down pretending to be a dreidel during charades and then you can snort at me when I trip going up the stairs pretending to be graceful.

I Love you baby girl!


Misty said...

i love this letter! What a lovely gift she is! (as is her momma!)

Anonymous said...

I have to keep wiping the tears so I can see dang it.
Happy Birthday honey,you are such a sweet heart,I love you soooo much.
Lexie that is a wonderful letter to your daughter,your children are blessed to have you for their momma.
I love you guys,

farm suite said...

Finally, Blogger lets me comment!

Your daughter is precious, and adorable, and super funny. I am so glad we got to meet her!

Happy birthday from the Suite family!

Grandma Dora the Explorer said...

Wow! Sniff. Snort. Every word is absolutely true! I love you and am proud of you both much more than can be explained.

Farm Chick said...

OH!! Boo-hoo! Snort. I can remember the day you were born! Whaaaaa. Sniff.

YOu have grown into such a wonderful young lady. I am so glad that you got to come and stay with me and the girls for a couple of days. Thanks for being such a helper.

I love you Miss D.

Ricky Danger said...

Oh Lexie, I love your letter to your daughter... though it makes me a voyer in that I read it, thank you for allowing that tender moment to be shared. She is lovely and she is very clearly a true reflection of her mother. Strength comes to mind now when I think of how I would describe 'both' of you.

Love you much, Livy

Melanie said...

Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

i hate ketchup! hate it!
its ranch!!