Monday, June 9, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Dang Tired

1. FENCING. These posts were put in place back in March some time. Just recently we decided to get mean and tack a fence to it. It almost looks like a pasture now, and the grass is so tall that my short runt can play in it and we can't find him. We also couldn't find the metal rake that he left out there and we ran over with the Suburban. That made ol' Mr Nice Guy not so nice sounding.

2. LOTS AND LOTS MORE FENCING. This makes me tired just looking at it. We're not quite done, as most of the posts need wire clips instead of zip ties, but Mr Nice Guy's back went out and so this will have to do until we can hire a stupid strapping young kid to finish it.

3. EVEN MORE FENCING. This part is not a permanent fence, because we needed to make sure we could get the tractor in to move the hen house around. It's going to get moved about 6 feet forward so the nest boxes can poke out on the other side of the fence. This was the whole idea behind my design for OUTSIDE nests - so we don't have to muck through mud and stuff for eggs in the rain.

4. GARDEN TOOLS and PLANT STARTS. Surefire ways to come down with sudden-onset fatigue syndrome (and yes I just made that up, but it happened to me!)

5. TOMATO PLANTS. There are only six plants that you can see here, in various stages of growth (and I'm happy to say I have two PURPLE tomato plants that are looking great!). The other eighty seven starts (give or take a couple dozen) are not visible in the photo, but since I went hog wild with the tomato starts you'll just have to wait and see. Oh, and if we suddenly deliver 35 pounds of cherry tomatoes to your doorstep sometime this summer, just nod and say thank you. Do not say things like, Oh, I don't like them, or no - I don't need them... just act interested or I will cry.
6. POTATOES. Boys and girls, I have never planted potatoes before, nor have I ever witnessed them being planted in anything other than photos from the depression era. After lots of research (See one of my sources here on a really cool new blog that I contribute to) I hope we'll come up with SOMETHING resembling a yukon gold or a little red baby tater. I like taters. So does Mr. Nice Guy. He's putting some in to bake right now.

7. PUMPKIN PATCH. We intend to grow the largest pumpkin in the state of Oregon. You'll be updated frequently on this backbreaking labor of love for my oldest boy child who snuck the packet of seeds into the shopping cart one day recently.

8. CUCUMBERS. Who doesn't love cucumbers? Well, Mr. Nice Guy for one. He doesn't like them at all. Too bad I put in three ROWS of cucumbers because he's going to have to learn to at least like the look of them. Lemon cukes anyone?

9. BIG GARDENS. The sheer size of this monstrosity would make even the most fit of farmers shudder with dispair. Well, it doesn't phase me one bit, because, I'm full of farm girl energy. Well, I was. I'm also full of farm girl baloney. You're looking at the back end of the carrots and corn on the left, and a few strawberry plants are over on the right (amidst the thistles that we're whacking back every 27.5 minutes). Clear down at the other end (some 125 feet away) after the 12 hills of watermelon and the half dozen cantaloupe are full sized fruit trees, if that gives you a little idea of the size of this bad boy.
10. SPEAKING OF BAD BOYS. We should have named him Randy. He is. It tires me out to have to constantly chase him away from the turkey. I don't know what he sees in her, except maybe he favors large white chicks. This is a family friendly page, so I will go no further. He's a handsome young guy and he knows it.

And for your viewing pleasure, this is my sweet boy, Kellogg. He's glaring at me right now because we put a fence up to keep all the chickens somewhat contained and out of my new garden. He likes to come visit me first thing in the morning, and now he can't. He hasn't figured out he could fly over the fence if he wanted to - so just keep your mouth shut on that one.

The hens, on the other hand, have figured out how to sqeeze THROUGH the fence and they came to visit me. They like to sit on the steps, sun themselves, wait for treats and poop. Hosing off poop makes me dang tired too. For more info on what chickens do - go read my other post over where I'm having fun with other farmgirls. C'mon - we need an audience!


Jen said...

I'm not a big fan of cucumbers either. I would love it if you dropped off some cherry tomatoes at my house. Too bad you live on the opposite side of the country from me. Could you overnight them? :)

Ricky Danger said...

Oh this is a wonderful blog and that chicken / rooster / the one that looks like one of the guys from Laverne and Shirley... he's cute, I like him... hubba hubba... or do they say cluck cluck?

How do you get the pictures to be centered where you want them. Every time I do it, they get all messed up.

Maybe I'll go practice.

Love you Lex. Livy

Misty said...

Can I just have a half a dozen pumpkins? I'll pay shipping... OR BETTER YET, I'll come pick them up???

I am confused Lex, did you do something with a fence? I don't understand... :)

Chickie Momma said...

A half dozen of the states largest pumpkins would cost approximately $1754.67 to ship. It would be much more efficient to just come get them. And more fun too.

Anonymous said...


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

WHAT kinda rooster IZ RANDY????
When our chickens are turned out the poop on our porch too. If it is raining, they are ALWAYS UP ON THE PORCH- coz it's covered and they JUST STAND THERE AND POO ON THEE WELCOME MAT. I have a hunch people are not always "welcomed?" by that...
HEY, please write me back... how do you cross out words like you do? ya gotta teach me that pretty please! THAT IS SO COOL!

the160acrewoods said...

wow! you've got quite the garden.. i'll have to take a picture of mine.. it's about a quarter of the size lol.. actually a sad attempt, but the first one i've done

Farm Chick said...

Nice shameless plugging of our new blog, btw. Hehe!

I loved my little tour of the farm, someday, say about August I'll be by to pick up my 35 lb box of cherry tomato's K??

Chickie Momma said...

"Randy" who's real name is Twizzler, is a White Crested Blue Polish roo. He's the friendliest little roo around, and it's easy to pick up these kind of chickens because they don't see ya comin!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Thanks for writing me back Chickie Momma. I think I posted on your she was never the graceful sort story as well. I never laughed SO hard... it was so funny... and I'm sorry I laugh at your "mishaps!!" Coz truly it's not funny but they way you put it all totally cracked me UP. I'm just gonna worry about you now!
Next year I will get some of those chickens... they are so cute!
I'm so happy someone elses chickens poo on their porch too, and that you TALK TO YOUR ROOSTERS... OMIGOSH... !!
Thanks for teaching me how to mark out a word!

Melanie said...

Wow.. you have been busy, girl!

Hope you are able to get some rest this week. :)