Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pips and Squeaks

A pair of birds adopted our front porch as a nursery a few weeks back. We have all been rewarded for our efforts. I say OUR because my poor kids have had to walk all the way AROUND the house for days to get the mail which is directly out the front door. I was an expectant mother once. Do NOT BOTHER A NESTING MOMMA!! New mothers who are nesting are prone to rediculous bouts of insanity and I did not want to explain to the doctor why my son got his eye pecked out. "Well, son, I told you not to go near that momma bird but ya just didn't listen now did ya!"

Today I opened the front door with a flourish, to let hot air escape and draw the cool air through the house (dang, it was HOT today!). Well, I forgot all about Momma bird, and when she got done freaking out and flying away, I thought it would be a good time to go see the progress. Well, by golly gee whiz those little pink blobs are BABIES! There were 2 babies that hatched, and one more egg is left. I was SO impressed!
Sorry about the really crappy picture but I was on a time crunch here!

I think it's WAY cool that I could identify different feathers from FOUR of my own hens lining the nest for these babies. We share around here - it's how we roll. The birds in turn, share their poop all over my porch.

Notice the handy dandy Avon mirror propped above the nest looking down? I'm so smart I continually amaze myself. This was the best pic I could take with only 4 seconds to work with and my hands were shaking because I just knew that mirror was going to flop down and whack those little babies and then I'd get my eyes pecked out. But all was well, I quickly took a few shots, and skittered back off into the house and left things alone so the momma could come back. Oh - the noise we'll be hearing for the next week when those little peepers find their lungs and their appetites!

Nothin like a science lab on your own front porch.

In other news, my in-laws are here for a week, so if you don't hear much well that is why. I'm probably busy making cobbler, canning preserves or baking a cheesecake. Yeah right, as I've said before somewhere recently -
Don't kid yourself people!
I'll be out in the yard nailing my nephews with the super soaker! (As it dribbles all down my pantleg and makes it appear as if I've laughed way too hard)


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

ahem..... scuse me..... did you say........
What time is dinner?

Farm Chick said...

Just thought I would check to see what you were up to while you were KIDS-LESS....Punk!

Things have been very exciting here! I have had kids from all over the country over to play and eat and eat and play in the hose....and eat heheh!

Crikey it's hot! Hope your staying cool....see ya soon.

farm suite said...

I heard a rumor that you were completely without children for a few days.

Maybe THAT's why we didn't hear from you. I'm just sayin', you newlywed types, running off to Nevada and then coming home to no kids...

Cute birdies by the way.

the160acrewoods said...

that's pretty cool! we had a few that used to steal my girls ribbon and other things taht she left outside.. it was really funny to see them woven into a next! lol

Tracy said...

Love that photo! How precious and fun.

Soak away! Still plenty of time for making cobbler & cheesecake & canning preserves... = ) Have fun with your in-laws.

Jen said...

You can keep your baby birds. As cute as they are, it seems like I'm always being visited by injured ones after they leave the nest.

Anyway, enjoy your houseguests, cobbler and cheesecake. Yum!!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad you got the picture,how sweet!And yes it will be a bit noisy when they start asking momma for food,just like our kids!
Have fun with the cobbler and cheese cake,hmmm tasty!