Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Handy Dandy Laptop

I took my handy dandy laptop with me on my trip. I had all good intentions of posting every single day with all the relaxing time I would have on my hands. I did try. I really did. I've been on this trip about a half dozen times, so I knew what to expect.
We had a fantastic room. It had a HUGE 180 degree view once you stepped out into the window area and looked around. I knew I'd be able to spend lots of time here, blogging to my heart's content. And posting comments. Lots of comments.It was also a pretty popular gathering place evidently.
We had a hard time keeping people out of our room.
See what I mean? No time to blog that day. None whatsoever.
It's all their fault.
We were in Reno for a reason though... really, we were.

We did this thing called a "Field Trip" or "Educational Tours of areas in the Industry pertaining to the Field of Study" What all that crap means, is that I set up some tours of places that made car stuff and other things that I would never understand in a million years, and we went there with a carload of my husband's automotive students at the appointed time and saw stuff like pistons in the rough.

And... Pistons all polished up and pretty. My favorite word for the week:
We also saw the really fascinating machines where they made all the shiny doohickeys.

Here's another shiny thingamabob.
Technically it's called a Roller Rocker and the guy who gave us the tour put one of these shiny doodads in a machine (the kind made to remove tattoos, I think) and the bright blue laser etched my very own name and the date on the side of it. I have my own roller rocker! Aren't you all impressed? (Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the real one, but that one was just like it and I hoped you wouldn't notice)

I'm spoiled. Nobody else got anything better than a hat or a sticker.

I also didn't have time to blog because I was too busy being taken out to eat at really cool places like Red's Old 395 Grill in Carson City. This place is THE bomb. It's cool looking too. And, it's world famous. They said so and that means it's a fact.

And it has really cool seating. Who wouldn't like to sit on furniture that their burger came from?

Fry bread was never on my menu before, but it is now.
Heck, we were full before the meal actually showed up.Then, we had to try to shove as much of our meal down into our gizzards as we could before they offered us dessert. Which, I might add, we politely declined.

Those were pickled carrots in that photo.
Too bad I don't like onions. Or onion strings. By the pound.
The gastrointestinal distress was felt by all.

One of the other reasons I didn't get a chance to blog was because we did entirely too much goofing off. As if it wasn't immature enough to play in the children's arcade at the casino, we made it a point to earn a bazillion tickets so we could win these fantastic little monkeys. Then, while waiting for yet another meal to arrive, the monkeys tried to model for us. It was rediculous hilarity at its finest. You can see what else the monkeys did on the adult monkey site. This is a family place for crying out loud.

See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil...
but not necessarily in that order

After pizza and much more goofing off... it was time for some planned fun. (All the rest was purely accidental) Our chosen method of "fun" year after year is the Driving Range (over a lake) at the Grand Sierra.

The reason we call it fun, is because nobody we take along (including ourselves) is ever very good at golf (except for the well-muscled Marine in the photo above) so we just do more goofing off and laughing at each other until we tire of repeated bathroom breaks. We had so much fun this time, that we did the same trip 2 nights in a row. It was either that, or gamble, and gambling isn't fun (if you're losing), nor is it very good exercise (if you're losing, but if you were winning you might jump up and down), and it's not cheap either. I think we made a wise choice.
After four days and miles of tours, plus an encyclopedia of car facts from the National Automobile Museum, 2 swollen ankles and 97 fattening meals we packed up and headed north. I hadn't got to do any serious blogging yet, but I still had time.

The trip home started out at a normal time.
But then I remembered I wanted to go to Cabela's. I HAD to go. It wasn't an option.
The militia military men who went along with us didn't argue much at all. Matter of fact we had to pull them out of the place by their ears. This delayed our trip by at least an hour, and delayed my blogging even further (but I did get a cool new pair of shoes).

We saw lots of sights on the way home. Since I'm prone to taking many pictures of farms, and barns and such, I was not bored. But this prevented me from blogging.

Evidently I like flat land too.

And trees.

And toilets.

Whaaaat? YES, you saw it here first, folks.
Not only can you take your girlfriends to the bathroom with you, but you never have to leave each other's side! What next? Wide open gang-dressing rooms at Kohls?
The bathroom pic was taken at a quaint little diner, you'd have no idea they were so socially advanced in the little town of Klamath Falls, but now you know.
The toilet picture was taken sometime before we stopped at a McDonald's for another bathroom break (with stalls, thankyouverymuch) and I left my purse on the table. It only added an hour and a half to our drive home when we went back to fetch it, and it was yet another reason I was unable to blog. I was dang tired the next day. And the next day. And probably tomorrow too, since I'm up so late.

Anyway, thanks for missing me! I'm happy to be back home where I can blog when all my chores are done whenever I want!


farm suite said...

The car parts!
The shenanigans!

The toilets!

My husband and I lived in Klamath Falls as newlyweds. I made him promise to never take us back there.

Farm Chick said...

OK! I want to take a road trip with you and the Military Man! That kids got nice guns! ROFLOL!

I am jealous of your uber-cute new shoes, I must say. AND....I am totally bummed that you had so much fun you couldn't blog. ;P

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Fun post. Oh my goodness, that last photo! I can only think of a mother with several children wanting to use that stall. What's next??

Jen said...

Other than the boring car part tours, it sounded like a really fun trip (esp all the cute military men and yummy food--I probably would't have been blogging either.)!

Ricky Danger said...

ROTFLMAO! The ending to your blog was hands down my favorite, though the monkeys at the table made me chuckle too... I loved all the pictures... fantastic how you can take us along with you!!!! =)

the160acrewoods said...

love those toliets, are you sure the other wasn't a bedae (sp?)

Anonymous said...

That muscled military man is HOT! You should post more photos of him!! I LOVE muscular military men!