Monday, June 16, 2008

Have you seen my socks?

The story of my life... "Where's my socks?" I'm not usually the one saying it, because I know where my socks go - usually. I take them off, and put them in the laundry basket. How hard can that be?

Today, as I was packing clothes for six people to go three different directions this coming week, I kept hearing that same phrase. Even though all the whites were washed, nobody seemed to have enough socks for a week. All my family members have different methods for overcoming this temporary obstacle. Temporary, because if I can't find socks, I just buy more. Somewhere, something rodent-like is probably really cozy in a little corner with 89 socks and fourteen pairs of little boys underwear. I just can't imagine why I can't find all those socks and underwear - you think they'd be stinkin' to high heaven about now.

I found one sock under the wood box by the stove today. Another four pairs of the mismatched variety turned up in the mudroom between flip flops, boots and school stuff that got dumped there last week. Three socks crawled out from under my son's mattress and then I found one of my husband's socks stuck in my dress pants this morning when I was getting ready for church. The good part is that I found a movie I was missing when I was hunting for little foot warmers, and I also came across the headphones for my mp3 player. Hey, a successful hunt!

My eldest daughter has a solution to her sock problem... at least it's a solution for her. She can't find a matching pair? She just makes a "coordinating" pair. Today she was wearing two different colors of stripes. I almost thought they matched there for a second and I about passed out from shock. But no - one was a wide striped blue, the other, a narrow striped green. Then I spotted another sock sticking out from under the couch - it was a wide striped blue. One pair of her socks sports a little monkey with underpants on his head saying, "Be Different". I suppose she takes that wisdom to heart. You'd never catch me wearing different color stripes. Or underwear on my head. At least not that I would admit to you.

My youngest has his own method too. He can't find socks? He just digs around in his brothers drawer. He does that when he runs out of underwear too. Hmmm... kinda makes me wish I had a sister sometimes to swipe socks from. (But not underwear). That must be what my younger daughter thinks too - because since all her sister's socks don't match (and she wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything that didn't match) she has decided that mine fit her pretty well. And they always match. And they're always clean. After they get washed anyway.

So, tonight as I sit here listening to the crickets chirping in the warm night air, and the soft sounds of my children breathing (actually, the crickets are in the tank with the gecko - singing their last songs ever, and my children are all camped out on the living room floor snoring - so they would get a chance to say goodbye when Mr. Nice Guy and I leave for Nevada in the morning) I wonder what our world would be like without socks. I kind of figure that more things would be lost forever if we didn't have socks to look for - it's the only time I find all my other missing stuff!


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Must be a conspiracy--
someone is stealing our socks too?
I love your daughter's creativity in daring to be "different." My Grandma Ruby would have loved her. She wore stripes, florals and plaids, nearly every day. Please tell your daughter, her mismatched-ness is artistic in my book. :) heehee

farm suite said...

Underwear on your head and your husband's sock in your dress pants. I thought this blog was rated G! Tee hee.

Socks can all go to neverland ... it's sandal season!

Misty said...

Thats what I'm thinking... Who the heck wears socks between now and, like, September???

The socks all went on their own, stinky feetless vacations!

Ricky Danger said...

Ah the sock trials... we have the spoon episodes in our house. I can never find my flippin spoons. I bet your mouse stopped by and swiped my spoons.

Melanie said...

I spend alot of time wondering where all the socks go to, also. Some days I think they have feet and get up and walk around on their own. :)

Have a great week!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

You have been awfully quiet... and I'm startin to get a little worried. I hope everything is okay. You are not still looking for socks are you?
After your post of all your past injuries, and now not hearing from you,... I'm a little concerned!