Monday, June 30, 2008

8 Things Meme

Since I got tagged TWICE to do this Meme, I'd better get on the ball!
8 Things
Eight things I say alot:

Now that's funny right there
Did you feed the animals yet?
Get off me
Stop arguing
Are you listening to me?
I love you
Gimme a hug
Where's my phone? WHERE is my PHONE? HEY! Where's my phone? Anybody??

Eight books/mags I have Read Lately:
My bible
For Women Only
I Promise
The Five Love Languages of Children
Life in the Blender
Don't Stop Laughing Now
Green Eggs and Ham
Country Woman Magazine
Hobby Farms Magazine

Eight Movies I have seen 8 times:
Pirates of the Caribbean I
Pirates of the Caribbean II
Pirates of the Caribbean III
Ice Age the Meltdown
50 First Dates
You've Got Mail

Eight Thing I Am Working On:
Getting the pool set up
Arranging our vacation plans
Having a mental breakdown
My daughter's 10th Birthday
A new budget
A second chicken coop

Eight People I Invite To Do This:
Since everyone has already been tagged, I will tag YOU if you haven't done this yet!

1 comment:

Farm Chick said...

Mental Breakdown: Check.

Happy B-day to Miss D: Check. *grin*

New chicken coop: What? are you just asking for more trouble??