Saturday, May 17, 2008

You reap what you sow

Lots and Lots of Sunflowers

So far it's looking good! Yesterday was a day off from school for the kids, which is always quite a challenge for me when it is NOT a day off school for Mr Nice Guy. We got up early, dropped off my new suburban at the dealership (the speedo liked to say I was going about 25 when I was passing people on the highway - now, wouldn't THAT have been a fun blog to write when I got arrested for driving like a maniac?!)

Yesterday also happened to reach about 98 degrees here at our humble home. Bless my husband's heart for not only putting the air conditioner in our window the night before, but for even installing a new ceiling fan in the living room. I feel taken care of - truly.

All those gazillion seeds that I planted were all sitting out on my oven deck in the full sun, so they had to be rescued. By evening, they were doing pretty good. I had to water them twice, as the not-quite-summer-but-it-sure-felt-like-it heat sucked every bit of moisture from them by 5 pm. Here's what my cucumbers are looking like. I know you've been dying to see them. Oh my goodness, someone had better like cucumbers because it's the best looking crop I've got going so far (except the marigolds *sigh*)

I wanted to get the chores done before midday, but got sidetracked (story of my life) with a functioning lawnmower (surprise!) and I attacked the grass around the swingset with a vengeance. We hadn't seen the swingset in about three weeks because the grass grew so fast. I was trying to lure my children from the house with a shady, freshly mowed area to play but the air conditioner won hands down. I ended up mowing more than I planned, which put me to lunch time. Since lunch usually lands around 2 in the afternoon (sidetracked?) it was midday before I got out to make sure the animals were still alive. I took the opportunity to drench my 5 year old with the hose, much to his delight. He spent the next hour outside playing in the water, squirting the dog, and making sure the chickens had a bath. It was quiet in the house for awhile. (Which is good, because I died for awhile of heat exhaustion and when I came to, it was time for dinner).

Mr Nice Guy grilled up some steak and hot dogs (for the people who prefer mystery meat) and then I had to spend the rest of my evening in super-hydration mode to get rid of the headache I'd managed to acquire. Needless to say I slept GREAT! But, I woke up today laughing, because the 3 month old rooster was trying his best to get a man-sized crow out - and, well... it was just funny. I guess you shoulda been there. Well, maybe not. Because I was in bed. And you don't want to be here then. Ok, nevermind.

Another photo of some green stuff, because I know you really want to see it. These are hopefully going to grow up to be big strong bachelor buttons some day...


Toni said...

Wow! Dying from heat exhaustion and having a strange genetic disease at the same time. You are a walking time-bomb Miss chicky!

Hey, I need some gardening advice. Would you mind coming down to the southern end of this western half of the U.S. and teach me how to be successful? Just dip my thumb in some green juice or something, because everything I plant turns brown.

Your heatwave is hitting us this weekend. Amazing how you can go from wearing sweatshirts one weekend to needing air conditioning the next!

Chickie Momma said...

I thought I'd better jump back in here before Farm Chick ruins the image you have of me first.

I understand the problem with your thumb. Mr Nice Guy, when he's not being nice, says that I have two BLACK thumbs. Could you imagine? Everything I touch usually dies.

Farm Chick gave me a plant once, swearing that I couldn't kill it, and I did. *sigh* NOT ON PURPOSE!!

But I do seem to have some luck growing stuff from seed. I guess it's because these plants learn to recognize my voice?

Ricky Danger said...

Ah Lexie, we garden in the same manner. All my house plants die too. Except David's. Mr. Bonsai master... he has the green thumb.

Of course when it comes to out side gardening. I ROCK! But I think that is because Mother Nature takes over my hand... I'm just there for natures amusement.

farm suite said...

Bachelor Buttons are my FAVORITE. Could you grow some for me and take a picture when they're blooming?

Chickie Momma said...

Considering that I must literally have a hundred starts, it should not be a problem to get one to bloom. Should not, but it might be. I make no guarantees. haha!

Farm Chick said...

I have been lurking, on purpose, just to see where the comments would lead on this on.

Honey, I think your babies are so cute and I am so proud of you for not letting a few plant assinations frighten you off from gardening altogether.

I think maybe, just maybe, your thumbs are starting to turn green.