Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Joy Rush

The Assignment: Take a minute and reflect on those little joys in your life.

After reading this assignment originally on this delightful blog: So, the thing is, then on to my Farm Suite friend and then another list on Katie's Calamities I've decided to take advantage of the little rest time I have to share my Joy Rush with you. I knew you were dying to hear this stuff, so here goes.

Being the mother of four fantastic kids. That is a huge rush of joy for me. Everytime I catch a smile, hear a hearty belly laugh, or see the healthy glow of rosy cheeks I know God has blessed me well beyond measure, and my cup truly overflows.

Being the wife of a man of God. Again, I am humbled beyond belief that I was given such a precious, strong, sensitive gift that I did NOT deserve.

Having awesome parents (who actually emailed me today from their Holy Land trip *gasp*)

Ok, now for the smaller joys (because, well, those were HUGE ones)

Going to sleep with the sound of crickets and waking up to the sound of chickens outside my window. Odd though, since we've sent our chickens free-ranging (with our kids), we've had less crickets. I wonder why that is?

Seeing a flower bloom that started from a small seed that I, all by myself, put in the earth. Wow.

Getting a card in the mail. *sigh* This makes my month.

Worship music. The kind that makes you want to stand up IN the Suburban, throw your arms up and out of the sunroof and just praise God, all while driving through town. (You'd just better pray that you actually have a sunroof, and that it is actually open, before attempting this.)

The feel of rest after a long days work.

Snuggles in the morning with each kid, one by one as they awaken from slumber. No words, just arms wrapped around each other because we can and we want to.

The sight of a Sunrise or a Sunset.
Oh our Creator is the most amazing artist!
I told my kids that if I ever go on to Heaven before them, that every time they see one of these spectacular displays that I'll be behind the scenes, helping with the lighting and all that stuff because it's what I like to do.


What brings you joy every day?


Farm Chick said...

Your list gave me the shivers! And then there were tears.....OMG.

Thanks Chickie for being my friend for these past(looong) years. You belong on MY joy rush list.

Toni said...

This kind of thing just makes you realize how blessed we really are in our lives. We just need to focus on the blessings a little more and the annoying things a little less.

Barb said...

This was truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me! E-mail me if you would like one of my books.

farm suite said...

This is just awesome. Can I borrow your list when I'm having a down day?

the160acrewoods said...

those are great! I'll have ot think totally on my list for some point, but I'd say hearing my babies laugh give me the most joy!

Jen said...

What a wonderful list! I would have to add to that snuggling up to my cat and listening to him purr. That brings me a lot of joy. Also, there is plenty of food that brings me joy but I won't even start that list. :)