Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've been hit by a Meme!

Four Jobs I've held:
Courtesy Clerk at Safeway
Fashion Consultant at Lane Giant Bryant
Credit Analyst for Sears
Financial Services Consultant OSU Federal Credit Union

Four Movies I could watch over and over

Love Comes Softly (the whole series!)
Pirates of the Caribbean
What Women Want
50 First Dates

Four Places I've lived:
New Mexico

Four T.V. shows I like to waste my time on:
Law & Order SVU
Dr Phil

Four of my favourite foods:
Fettucini Alfredo
A big colorful green salad

Four place I would rather be:
Girls night out
In bed asleep
On a warm sunny beach
In the hot tub

At this point you are supposed to tag four people with this meme.
In that case, you three lurkers - you're it... and Ricky Danger... you're it too, since you're my only other reader with a blog!


farm suite said...

Lexi, I mean this: You are dang funny. I wish I knew you in real life. You could help me fix a fence... I could help you sew up your feedbags into dresses... it would be awesome. Thanks for posting. PS please tell your funny friend Ricky Danger that her blog is marked for questionable content. It didn't look questionable to me...

Ricky Danger said...

farm suite.... LOL, in the future, the content of my blog may change? You never know just what I might say. =)

And Lex... man are you bossy! *filling out and forwarding to some one... that survey* =) Love you, Ricky Danger.