Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'll take that challenge!

Ok, so the clean kitchen photos are rolling in (and if yours isn't then you're a big whiny baby - go do it!). I wasn't waiting for you to send me yours before I added mine, I was simply waiting to actually take the PHOTOS when it was daylight! Here they are with full commentary by yours truly. I REALLY wished I had a before photo or two, but you'll just have to visualize a 2 bedroom house with a kitchen that is proportionately sized... for a family of six. We visit Costco. A lot. Each box, by itself, takes up a whole counter. It's a constant struggle. Bear with me folks, this could get messy (really soon).

So now it's obvious why this is my "One Butt Kitchen". I dont' have a small backside, and there's not room for anyone else when mine is in here... now come with me as we take a little tour...

This is where the microwave USED to live. It took up most of the space here, and generally kept me from enjoying any counterspace. I cleverly moved the breadbox (donated by my favorite Piggy friend) to the edge, so as to lead to a natural sandwich making process, followed by the effortless swiping of the crumbs directly into the trash receptacle to the left of the counter. I'm a genious. Yes, I know my bananas are turning brown. I'm making a smoothie with them later.

The new landing spot for the microwave. I couldn't use this corner counter anyway, except to stash JUNK (and my coffee pot... and my coffee cups, which are now nicely nestled IN THE CUPBOARD WHERE THEY BELONG!) Do you see a red towel? Yes, I refuse to accept the fact that my countertops are indeed ORANGE. I prefer red, and red gingham to be exact, but it's not my faul that the countertops refuse to cooperate.

A close inspection on top of the microwave (and strange cutting boards/sheets) reveals infiltrators! Argh! This is how my kitchen gets taken over - by kitchen pirates!! They snuck in during the night and were so surprised to see me that they fell over. I made them walk the plank.

Here's the shark tank where the pirates were eaten. Now that I think about it, these fish have a pretty interesting life. The get to see me all day out one side and the chickens out the other! I hope they never learn how to blog. We'd all be in trouble.

Ah, now you can see the eggs are still out - I have to make a trip OUTSIDE to take them to another fridge so I slacked off on that this morning. You can see the galvanized pots (thank you Ikea!) that I used to help control the FREAKISH PILE that was in this spot yesterday. And yes, that is an automatic soap dispenser... a must when your hands are covered in chicken whatever and you don't dare touch anything that you might use to prepare food someday.

So there you have it folks. Someday when my dream comes true I'll have a new kitchen with a costco sized pantry, new countertops, COMPLETELY different cupboards and a floor that hides bits of cereal from view. It will always have a big shiny sink, because that's where it all begins.

WAIT, WHAT IS THIS?!?! Dishes in the sink?? Oh yes, Mr Nice Guy was being NICE and brought me coconut cream pie late last night. Maybe that's what brought about the crazy blog... but either way just the fact that the plates made it into the sink (with water touching them!) brings a smile to my face... life is good.

Now send me those pictures!


Misty said...

great job, Lex! An inspiration to women everywhere... And dare i say it, but I too LOVE Ikea... *sigh*

the160acrewoods said...

I do have some on my blog of my kitchen.. i'll have to remember which post one of my tackle it tuesdays.. you've got a great kitchen!

Toni said...

That is one fantastic looking kitchen. Way to go! Good job on getting such a small kitchen so clutter free.

farm suite said...

I am SUPER IMPRESSED. The pirate thing especially. My kitchen pirates are Polly Pockets. Keep fighting the good fight.

Farm Chick said...

Well now ya donit! THis Means War! I will now be getting off my too large bumm and proceed directly to the kitchen to commence with the Kitchen makeover process.

Be afraid, be very afraid! LOL!

Oh, your kitchen looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

See what you started you now!I need to get off and get busy too,way to go !

Ricky Danger said...

OMG Lexie, you are a riot. I loved the visual!!!