Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I think I'm sick

Something is wrong with me. I think it may be contagious, but hopefully the symptoms won't last longer than a season or two. Somehow, after my last OUTRAGEOUS bout of PMS, I came through with more energy than usual. I'm malfunctioning. I'm looking for meds, so far no luck.

So here's the scoop. A few days ago, something bit me, I think it was a housemite. I know it sounds silly, but I am pretty sure they exist. This little housemite apparently infects its host with the desire to clean and organize. It's the same bug that bites you when you're 8 and 3 quarter months pregnant. And NO I'm not pregnant. Although miracles to happen, and that's why our next baby will be named Miracle. No joke.

I started off with a clean kitchen challenge. And boy was it a challenge. I detest cleaning, I suck at organizing and I just generally prefer to avoid it or pass the job on to my children. That brings about another problem, because since certain jobs belong to my kids, then Mr Nice Guy would prefer that I bribe encourage the children to do their jobs without me having to do it for them. Something about kids these days needing to learn responsibility or whatever.

This week, my two oldest children are gone. They aren't dead, just away until Friday. I knew if I didn't have anyone to yell at bribe to do the dishes that I'd have to do them myself. Well that's when that rotten, disgusting, probably contagious bug bit me. It bit me hard too, because not only did I get my kitchen virtually spotless (and it's STILL that way right now!) but I also got my livingroom de-junkified, and my dining room uncovered. It was buried under 3 weeks of Avon inventory and the banishment of everything too small/too big/too ugly/brand new but made me look fat clothes that had moved out of my bedroom when I cleaned it up a couple weeks ago. I even cleaned up my blog - you'll notice that my entire list of 86 favorite things got swept up and outta here. *Wipes hands* There, much nicer! Now I can entertain you with photos that I've been playing with.

I also somehow ended up with a perfectly wonderful date night to look forward to this evening. I had delighfully good intentions of making a fantastic dinner for my husband, so the Penne Bolognese is in the oven and the salad is ready.

Oh people, don't kid yourself.

Remember that BURN on my hand? I'm still afraid to turn on the stove so Mr Nice Guy (and he is one!) brought home dinner from Costco for me to cook up and the salad is still in the bag. I love my husband, he's so easy to please. As we speak I'm munching on Doritos appetizers and waiting for him to arrive home with a movie. I've begged for 27 Dresses, but I have a feeling it will be something a little less "date nightish". That's ok... we're ALONE.

Now be quiet, I'm trying to have a nice evening and recuperate from this organizational infection.


farm suite said...

Oh dear. I am afraid I've identified your blog stalker... it's ME-eee!
I just love "oh people, don't kid yourself."
And I'm glad you're contagious. Cuz you're kicking my butt and I need to catch some of that.

Toni said...

I could use that housemite over here. Noooo, I don't want it to bite me, but I know a few teenagers I would like to let it loose on.

I hope you have a great date night.

Anonymous said...

well that bug can bite me,I need to catch it,way to go Lex!
And no kids last night,I'm sure you had a great date night with Bryan,thats really good you two are doing that!

Farm Chick said...

Ok so will ya quit flickin' yer bug on me?! 'Cuz now I wanna cute up my blog too! First the bedroom, next the kitchen, then the living and dining rooms. NOW THIS! I can't keep up. Flick me some more bugs or something.....

I am glad that you got to enjoy a date with the old man~ did you get a chicky movie?