Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Think I Herniated my Hernia

I did. It's probably the worst thing ever. Well, I'm sure it would be if I'd ever had a hernia, but I'm pretty sure I herniated something. My feet are really sore. My back hurts (woops, I said I wouldn't whine about that) and my um, neck is itchy.

Spending 10 hours of my day working in a grassy field wouldn't be too bad normally. But first we had to figure out what we forgot to have on hand to get our fence up, then we had to go buy it, and then we had to go somewhere else because the first place was out of stock, and then that all adds up to extra expenses because each place has SOMETHING you need for certain. Did you know that I am now planning on growing rainbow colored carrots and the worlds largest pumpkin? I didn't know until today either. But you know what? I bet I herniated my checkbook.

We got most of our fence done. I am really sore from standing there and handing large galvanized staples to my husband. I'm also tired from having to yank on the fence while he stapled. I also had to stand on parts of it to hold it down. That was lots of work. Then, while I sat in my lawn chair and sipped from a juice box, it really made me tired to watch my husband bend over and pound nails. I mean... a girl can only go so long in the hot (65 degrees with quite a breeze) weather.

This, friends - was my 50th post! I've blogged exactly 2 months, and you know what? I think blogging is giving me a hernia...


Farm Chick said...

You also look like you herniated something. What gives? I thought you had been working like a dog, getting that ol body in shape and such. Oh, I know it's now old age that makes you herniated. LOL!

So that said, Happy 50th post. So glad I forced you to blog with me. HEhe!

farm suite said...

Have you herniated your brain too? I wanna see pictures of the fence project!

You are funny, farmchickie mama. I can't believe your friend KL said you look like you herniated somethin'. What are friends for?

Oh, yeah, blogging to keep the long-distance phone bill down.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here calmly eating my lunch reading your "Tales". What fun. Yes, I too would like to see pics of the progress.

But you know what? Our husbands are usually less than appreciative of us taking pics while they do the muscle work. So we gotta do that later on.

Love ya,
The Mom

the160acrewoods said...

lol you always have something interesting to say!
and congrat's on yer 50th post!

my special letters are icup.. nice!

Jen said...

Hope whatever you herniated heals fast! Congrats on your 50th post!! :)

Ricky Danger said...

I truly hope you didn't herniate anything Lexie. That is a tremendously painful event no doubt.

My mother had a herniated disc in her back and I recall her inability to even walk with out my Dad carrying her down the hall...

Keep me posted on your back. I care. Love you much. =)