Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can I Have a Cookie?

I had surprise guests drop in this morning. They took the whole farm tour, including literally watching as an egg dropped from the backside of a hen. It was fun, it was amusing, ok it's time for you to leave now. Don't forget to wipe your feet before you get in your car. Buh bye.

My son, who had been neglected during all of the festivities, decided around noon that he was ready for breakfast. I, unfortunately, wasn't ready to get back up and make food, because I was reading blogs. In life there are priorities son, you must understand these things.

He came in with a box of fruit loops. "Can I have somma these?"

Sure, just get your bowl, your spoon and your milk.
(That way I can sprint in, pour, and run back to the computer without dying)

He came back a minute later, having spied the cookies that arrived home from the bakery around 8 last night. Somehow, his nose must not be working or they would have all been gone by now.

*Chewing* "Can I have a COOKIE?", he says, with a worried look on his face, and both hands behind his back.

"Of COURSE you can!" I said. (Now see, I think that surprised him, because I never EVER do that, especially BEFORE lunch. I'm a good mom, really I am.) The insanely gleeful look on his face completely erased the feelings of being tricked that I felt immediately after he pulled the gnawed on cookie out from behind his back and took another bite.

On another note, here's a cute little "quiz" that my youngest boy got to do for Mother's Day. I'm loving the replies to the questions he was asked:

The favorite thing about my mommy is her smile
I love it when my Mommy gives me cookies
My mommy looks prettiest when she cooks
My favorite food mommy cooks is hot dogs
If I could give my mommy something special, just from me it would be Macaroni & Cheese

I think the boy was hungry.
I'll go get him another cookie.


farm suite said...

So... cookies and milk are likely nutritiously similar to fruit loops! One time my kids were snacking on a bag of fruit loops (generic of course) at the park when a little hippie (I mean organically raised) kid came up to my littlest and said, "I call those yucky-os." She offered him some and he ate the whole bag.

Farm Chick said...

Feed that kid, will ya!?! I know first hand how neglected that poor guy is~I read blogs too!


Speaking of neglecting.....My kids just came in singing the I'm starving song. :)

the160acrewoods said...

awww too cute! sounds like you've got a great little guy there!

... on the other note.. watching chickens poo eggs.. hehe.. great visual.