Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's true what they say about Oregon

If you ever wish the weather was different, just wait five minutes... it will be!

~~~~~ I tucked several pretty flowers into many different pots last week. Alyssa's poppy started to bloom and looks just like tissue paper. So fragile and so brilliant. I was very grateful for the lovely weather, and the opportunity to get some seeds going. Now, I am beginning to wonder why I went to all the trouble! But, now I realize it's because flowers look pretty with snow on them too!

(Above photo by Alyssa)

Hopefull spring will come soon, and this time it has an invitation to STAY!


Farm Chick said...

I tried to take some pictures of my flowers all covered in snow but they were all face down in the dang snow!

farm suite said...

I love the columbines in the snow. I too, attempted to photograph flowers in the snow, but LOL I have mostly pale yellow and white things blooming now... so not so pretty.