Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm a Queen!

Never really thought about being a queen before, sometimes I feel like a princess, sometimes I feel more like the court jester, but today... I realized...

I'm the Queen of Quitealot!

Now, after decluttering my bedroom of FOUR bags of clothes, stuff, receipts that obviously didn't need saving, broken hangers and boring old shoes I feel so much better. Hey K, I'm going to do that "After" picture before you know it!! I even have a closet again. *sigh*

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Farm Chick said...

Keep flyin' baby!! The 27 fling boogy sure does wonders for the soul, eh?!

I guess that I have to take this as a challenge to scunge out my own room. So I accept! Be on the look out for an update of the flinging going on at my place....:)

Fly babies in arms!!