Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He's a boy

We went to the primary school last night for our final installment of "Kindergarten Orientation". It was the fourth time we've been through this. I felt like an old lady. There were a hundred miniature sized mothers huddled up to nervous looking husbands. They were all wondering if their child, their firstborn, could ever survive in an environment with the likes of mean children like our youngest. Sure, he's got attitude, he also has one tremendous set of vocal chords and a strong will to match, but that doesn't mean he'll take a bite out of your little Miss Prissy over there with the perfectly tied bow on her perfectly tied dress that coordinates with her impeccably shiny shoes and matching lunch bag. Don't worry parents, you'll get over it soon.

One day, your little Miss Prissy will be huddled up in the corner at recess because there are no intelligent adults to hold a conversation with and she's not used to conversing with people her own age. My outgoing little guy will walk over to her and say something like,
"Hey, wanna play Transformers?" And she'll look at him, wondering what Transformers are (because you didn't even let her see the previews) and she'll accept his offer because she doesn't know how to make friends herself anyway. She'll come home that day, talking about how much fun it was to pretend to save the Allspark from the Decepticons and that being an Autobot is really cool and you can sometimes shoot things and save people from bad guys all in your imagination. Some day, she'll think my son is so fun to have around that she'll invite him over for her 6th birthday party, much to your dismay, but they will have a ball. Even though it's probably a Tea Party theme, he'll be able to sip tea like the best of 'em. He already does that at home, with items most mothers would grimmace about picking up long enough to dust, let alone actually use.

Hopefully, by the time your daughter reaches middle school, she'll find out just how much fun it is to have boys as friends, and that they aren't out to turn your little girl into a hellion. She'll have a friend to talk to when all the other little girls are evolving into back-stabbing demons and she'll have someone to shoot hoops with that won't worry about ruining their latest manicure.

Boys aren't all that bad.

Kindergarten, however, is pretty darned rough on parents. Even the fourth time around.


farm suite said...

I used to be that little girl's mom, LOL! Then we moved to the country, and I figured out how hard it is to keep patent leather clean when it's solid mud from the barn to the house. Just kidding about the patent leather. Anyway, we have four girls and are surrounded by families with boys. I am so grateful for those boys' influence on my little girls.

Farm Chick said...

Ah, the joys of boys! I had no idea what life with boys would be like~in fact I am still shaking my head at what posessed Cam to pee on the front door this morning......