Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


We had the most fantastic day for your birthday today! I'm sorry you missed out on most of it. I loved it that we took Alyssa out to breakfast after her conference at school. She enjoyed that immensely! The other kids were appreciative that we brought them back pancakes for their breakfast too. After you dawdled around ALL morning (because you didn't want to go to work on your birthday) we hustled up and got ready to leave. First, we got the suburban washed because it had all sorts of grime on it from coming over the snowy pass this weekend. Then, we filled up the gas tank, because I know you like me to be thoughtful BEFORE Sunday morning comes. After that, we went to Home Depot, because somewhere I heard that they carried chainsaws. I had decided several months ago that you would be getting one today. I tried to call your Dad to ask him what size his was, because I knew you wanted a smaller one. He wasn't home.

So - you know how I am about flowers. I saw all those gorgeous blooms at the far end of the lot and I just couldn't go without seeing them! So, all in the name of being a fun Mom, I told the kids to each pick one of their "own". It's fun to see who's flowers come back the next year. I taught them about Perennials vs. Annuals. Needless to say, they all got one of each, I think. I picked out a white azalea, because I've been wanting one for a long time to fill some of the blank spots around our home. I also picked up some columbines, because they are just so fragile looking, and graceful. I got more seeds too, since I still can't find the ones I got the first time! (Kinda mad at myself about that).

Well, we had to buy all the stuff, then unload it in the car. Then - we had to go back in the store to look for your birthday gift. No such luck. They didn't carry anything remotely like what I was looking for, although I did find a Ryobi. It was a little dinky one that would be really easy for ME to handle - and it even took the battery pack that all your other Ryobi stuff runs on!

I apologized to the sales guy and left.

The kids were hungry.

We drove to Albany and had lunch together. It was SO hard to drive right by the college, because I wanted to stop in and tell you Happy Birthday. I knew you were really busy though, so I kept on going... right to your favorite store. The TRACTOR store! I had already checked out chainsaws there last month, and you didn't even catch on! Shane helped me with my purchase - which was pretty easy because I already knew what I wanted when I got there. I also opted to get you a case - because if you're going to carry the thing in MY car, it's not getting grease all over everything! Shane and I talked about how the tractor he sold you is still doing ok, even though it needs a little work now. He was impressed that I knew how to operate it. He says most wives won't do that. Most wives don't buy chainsaws either. I told him I was going to figure out how to run that too - if I could figure out how to pick it up. haha!

After that, we all went and picked out stuff to make for your special dinner. We bought you a really nice 3 layer birthday cake (because I was too ABSENT to make one myself!) and we also got you a pretty bouquet of yellow tulips. It makes our dining room look sunshiney! You're going to enjoy a nice dinner here in a little bit of chicken fried steak, roasted potatoes, beans and french bread - with maybe some pesto.

After I got home and unloaded everything, I realized that I forgot to stop by the feed store. I hustled back to town with 10 minutes to spare. DARN those people for having baby chicks!! I looked, and smiled, and talked to all those pretty little babies. I was SO wanting to bring some home. After we put all the big babies outside today, I realized my brooder was empty! It needed something in it! The nice lady at the feed store talked me into turkeys instead. She said tons of people asked for them, but nobody was picking them up. They had been feeding them for almost a month and were in a hurry to have them go. So, I took her up on her offer, and finished making my purchases and took my new little boy and girl turkey with me. The nice guys at the store already had my bags of feed stashed in the back of the Suburban before I got outside so off we went!

When we got home, I cleaned out the entire carport. Man, what a mess those chicks had made! I wouldn't tell the kids what I came home with until they were done helping me clean. What a motivator!! I should try that again.

Then, I went and swept out the shed (the mini-barn). All the hay on the floor made the goats happy. After a little while, you came home! I coerced you into unloading all the bags of feed for me, so you could see your new chainsaw in the shed. I was so tickled that you liked it. I wish you wouldn't have asked how much I paid for it though ya brat! Now, you still haven't seen the turkeys yet, but I just know you'll like those little "presents" too. hehehe! I'm just pretty sure I won't get in trouble - after all the fun we've had for you today! By the way, I was thinking of naming them Thanksgiving and Christmas - what do you think about that?


Misty said...

ohhhh... a little cruel don't you think? You should have named one happy and other birthday and then put bows on their head! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of naming them Crispy and Juicy. I really like them.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha at naming them crispy and juicy!!! See, you bring out the funny in your friends. =)