Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Handmade things

I absolutely LOVE handmade things. If I get a handmade card from one of my children, no matter how much work went into it, it always sits out proudly on display until I "retire" it - to a special section in my file cabinet for just such things. Usually whatever gets retired also has free footprints or finger smudges from all the handling (and falling on the floor). This is ok - it's called "character". Some of my favorite cards were the get-well cards my kids made me when I came down with appendicitis last spring. I didn't even really see them until about a week later and was surprised to come across them - and honored that they thought of me.

Right now, I'm on a mission to find handmade gifts for my soon-to-arrive niece. I'm not talented in creating things like that myself, so I commission other people to do it. I like to frequent http://www.etsy.com/ for this kind of stuff. My brother and his wife are expecting a baby (she already has a son) but this is the first child for my brother.

I am excited. I'm happy for them and curious about how much of an interesting Dad my brother will be! He's always been right there to tell me how to parent my kids, so I'm sure he'll do a knock-down job. *grin*

I asked my sister in law about her preference for baby items. Some mothers don't feel like mothers unless they pick a theme for the nursery, a matching wall border, valance, rug and diaper wipe holder. If the lamp doesn't have a coordinating shade, then it's not right. Nesting instinct at its finest! Luckily she's not like that - she's pretty down to earth. Pretty much the only thing she could come up with was pink camo. My brother is an avid hunter, so I think this is a very cute idea!
Here's a dress I found that I just ADORE>>>
You can find it (and lots of others like it) at
RaeGun's Shop on Etsy.
You can also find her at: RaeGunWear.blogspot.com

With my firstborn, I chose Baby Looney Tunes. Thinking back, I often wonder what was wrong with me, but I loved Tweety bird, so I guess it just seemed to fit at the time. My daughter was more like the Tazmanian Devil for the first few months though. Ha! She didn't have a huge nursery, she just had a small area in our room with a crib and her bedding set matched. I felt a sense of accomplishment. Our second daughter ended up with lots of mismatched things because we didn't know until she was born if we were getting a boy or a girl. Turns out, my cousin (or maybe it was my Aunt) bestowed a little stash of "girl" things to me that they had purchased for my cousin's baby. It turns our her baby was born prematurely, and didn't make it past two days. I was so touched and moved by aquiring these things that I decided to use them. They were the Daisy Kingdom Ballerina Bunny design. And - absolutely fitting for my little princess girl. It's pretty rare to be able to find this fabric now.

When my son was born, he came into the world to a different welcome. He had his own room!! I loved Daisy Kingdom so much that we picked out Blue Jean Teddy bear. I loved this design!

When our last son was born, we used most of the same stuff, but added a different variety for fun.

So, dear friends - if you come across more PINK CAMO girl stuff that you think I might be interested in, let me know - nothing with skulls or John Deere on it (although we all know I am a John Deere girl, it doesn't mean everyone is!)

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Farm Chick said...

Brian and Pink Camo, what a combo!! I am so excited for Brian to FINALLY have a family of his own.