Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For the Love of Dirt

Got three flats of seeds under dirt today... it was the only way I could get my son outside. It's strange how much of a homebody he gets to be during the cold months. I know it will take a couple weeks of prying his little warm body out of the house... then I won't see him again until September. He's got his own gloves, his own metal rake and his own shovel now, so he's a real farmer. Or so he says. He likes to wear the part - with rubber boots and overalls. He also knows how to plant seeds now! He did half a flat of sunflowers - and most of the seeds actually made it into the soil.

Our chickens did a good job today. I spent from around 9 a.m. until close to 3 p.m. outside puttering around and got to hear the noise each and every hen made as she announced the evidence of her hard work. These silly chickens are such a joy to me. It's just not as lonely around here... ever!

Here's a picture of the poults. It was a just a strange occurance that I got a picture of both turkeys preening at the same time. They are so cute - and different from chicks. They make different noises, and they are not at all as flighty, but prefer to stand still while I pet them.

Thank you dear hubby for my new gift! It made my chores a lot less backbreaking today. And - it was just plain organized!

My Columbine. So delicate - who wouldn't like them?


Anonymous said...


I'm proud of you.
Mom Dora

Farm Chick said...

I am so not going to let you live the turkey thing down after all the flack you gave me about them, when we were trying to get out that ridiculous chicken order.......Harumph! LOL!!