Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Bryan

Dear Bryan,
Thank you for taking the time to look me up after seeing that crazy post on AOL with my name on it. Thanks for checking out my website AND I wasn't really serious AT ALL when I posted that personal ad. I was in a weird place, maybe it was a dare, and just needed to do something that brought out my silly side and made me feel less like a human piece of trash. I guess that's what has always attracted us to each other from the beginning though - being silly. When I put on the ad that whoever replied must be willing to take "risks" and must really want kids, I thought it was hilarious because I was a few weeks pregnant at the time. I also knew that you'd have to risk not killing anyone because my ex-husband had it coming during those months.

When you wrote me that REALLY long intro letter, it was as if that was all there was to you in a nutshell. It made me laugh that you went into the INSANELY long description about who was who in the large family photo you sent - and then you forgot to even send the picture. I laughed for the first time in weeks. Then you sent the picture. Even today, whenever I see that picture of you my heart does little flip flops. I knew right then and there that I was about to meet a man who also got nervous in new situations, but wasn't about to hide anything from me. Nothing. You even told me about your weight gain from your football injuries. I thought it was sweet when you said you gained 40 pounds when you had surgery on your blown out knee. You were concerned that your looks would bother me. I didn't know you meant 40 pounds each TIME you had the surgery, but then that was silly of me to think wasn't it?

I also thought it was a bit humorous that our first meeting consisted of getting our favorite soda from McDonald's and taking it to the park. You with your Coke, and me with my Dr Pepper. Some things never change. Sitting at that picnic table, with you next to me, instead of across from me (you still like to do that at restaurants) I felt worlds away from where I had been in the months before, and I knew in my soul that another chapter was about to begin in my life.

Little did I know that what I was doing was actually writing the final chapter of a book that would be set on a shelf, to ponder over, and re-read from time to time. That book is a learning book. The day we were married, we etched the words to our new book, the sequel. It's even better than I could have ever imagined and I pray for many more delightful chapters to come. Thank you for finding me. For choosing me. For wanting to be with me. And for threatening to torment me the rest of my days no matter how often I feel that I don't deserve you.


Anonymous said...

Lex, This is so neat and I love reading all of it. I love your list of favorites! Most of all I love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh how precious, That Bryan must me a great guy. You are so blessed.

Chickie Mamma said...

I am blessed you brat - thanks for the freudian slip when talking about yourSELF! I love you too... and I AM blessed.