Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breakfast Bliss

So breakfast went much smoother today. Hubby went out and bought his favorite breakfast of all time: Breakfast Casserole.
I know why he likes it. It's a combination of all things necessary for his survival. Juicy sausage, steaming tater tots, scrambled eggs (in a strange little cube shapes) and the whole baked concoction is smothered in melted cheddar cheese and a heap of sausage gravy. What man wouldn't like that? He can go for hours on that breakfast. Even if he doesn't get lunch, he doesn't notice.

Some day I'd like to make breakfast casserole, but I bet I'd just screw it up. I was going to try Biscuits and Gravy this morning, but after yesterday's burn incident, he gave me the day off. He admitted that he didn't really keep his end of the deal by getting the boys' room finished so he said we were even. I suspect he secretly wanted me to just buy him breakfast every morning the whole week, but that's just between you and I.

I spent over 9 hours with my hand on ice yesterday. I do mean nine hours straight. I could remove my hand from the cold for about 10 seconds, and then that was all I could handle. The pain made me woozy, and making lunch for my son about landed me on the floor. I heeded the warnings about frostbite, so technically I didn't have my hand on actual ice. I used the ice packs that Ethel's Chocolate Lounge in Reno gave me to keep my chocolates cool for the ride home. It was more like a brick of ice. I perched it on the edge of my recliner, kept damp paper towels on top of it and my hand on top of that. Then, I would flip the paper towel pile over every time they got warm. It worked amazingly well at keeping the blisters down.

About 4:30, I had gotten enough advice from friends and acquaintances that I decided to put in a call to my doctor about some sort of pain relief. I was hoping he could call in a prescription or something. I couldn't see myself walking around with a soggy brick of ice and damp paper towels for the rest of the week.

Of course the aide at the clinic told me that if I needed a prescription that someone would have to take a look at me. Sheesh. With 2 hours left to get my family to various locations for the evening, I hustled to see if anyone had appointments open. Believe it or not, our clinic can almost always get me in on the same day no matter what time I call - but not this day. The other one was booked too, so we packed the kids in the suburban and headed for immediate care. I called ahead and they told me there wasn't much of a wait.

I was in within about 3 minutes, and Hubby went off to find the kids some food. The doctor was pretty impressed that with the size and intensity of my burn that it wasn't all blistered up yet. He said the cold compresses did a fabulous job, but that I WOULD blister eventually and really needed to take care not to get an infection (no more egg washing for me?). He got a nice nurse with a strange accent to come in and bandage me up. I asked for something topical, but he explained that topical stuff wouldn't do much good on a 2nd degree burn and he wrote me a scrip for Vicodin instead.


It only took about 20 minutes for the excruciating pain to subside after removing it from the cold and it hasn't been so unbearable after it got bandaged.

The rest of the evening was just as eventful. Dropped the kids off at various locations and Hubby and I made it to Worship Team practice late. It went ok. I played keyboard with my left hand and it sounded alright. At the end, our friend who sings with Hubby went in the back while we played a new song, and then we couldn't find her. Turns out she was down "sleeping" in the sound booth. Huh? We couldn't wake her up completely. She'd just doze right back off... her vitals seemed to be ok, but her pupils were telling a different story. Hubby ended up calling 911 and the rest of us took care of their four kids, while another friend was rounding up MY kids. Man, what a day. Turns out our little singing friend took her meds (and wow, she has a lot of potent stuff) but she hadn't eaten any dinner. Her blood sugar was low too, but she'll be ok. I guess she was back home sometime after midnight.

You know I'm not getting as much teasing about my attention-getting injuries after that! Let's hope the rest of the week is super boring.


Anonymous said...

Burns aren't really much fun to tease about (((Lexie))), that's probably why you aren't getting the usual banter for this injury.

Personally I think burns are the very worst.

When I worked at Sacred Heart I had a patient that was wearing one of those rubber rain coats and burning debris in a huge metal drum thing... he fell in and to say the least he was so NOT ok...

I'm glad you got the meds... that will help your head... LOL ok, there's a joke. =) I amuse easily.

Love you my friend. =)

Misty said...

Ahh the healthy breakfast of champions!

Glad you went in and were seen! What a mess, you poor girl!

Toni said...

New to your blog, but will soon change that as I do "catch-up and acquaint myself" reading.

Sorry to hear about your burn. Even the smallest burns are killer. Hope the pain subsides soon - Vicodin causes such very strange dreams!

Farm Chick said...

If I didn't live so dang far away I would have slapped some cream on that baby, whipped up some healthy(burn healing) dinner and had you happy as a clam in no time!

Hey I can dream......RIGHT???